Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founder's Update October 27, 2017


This week we saw The Wall St. Journal report that the U.S. distributor of Corona Beer is investing (9.9%) in the TSX listed Canopy Growth, a marijuana producer.  

At first glance some would think that we should be intimidated by the potential competition from such a large company, but we aren’t. We have first-mover advantage, and we know that we are on the right track as others try to imitate our methods. Overall we believe this move will have a positive impact on the sector. 

I personally believe that this news could encourage other traditional alcohol brands to invest in brands like Province if they had any prior trepidation about entering the cannabis market.

Our team member Yasir Bin Riaz says, “Money will be pumped into creating a market. We’re no more the lone wolf crying out in a wilderness.”

Our founder Oscar JT Holm says, “Yes, I believe this is extremely positive for us!!!”