Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update November 3, 2017


This week I just want to say “thank you” to everyone on Team Province. This has been our most intense and challenging week since starting the company. This was the week that we truly became a team. I’ve never been prouder or more impressed. I’ve also never been more confident that this team can handle whatever the future may hold. The performance during this past week’s challenging tasks was phenomenal. I’ll provide a brief recap:

Clinical Study.  Krina, Jennifer, Yasir, Kimberly, Ryan, and Caitlin organized the first clinical study we have ever done in house. It was a crossover study which is the most challenging type of study to run. They did a phenomenal job. We collected very interesting and fundamentally essential data. I’ll share a report in this week's Team Member Spotlight / Carte Blanche in case you are interested in what we learned. To respect participants’ privacy we don’t have many photos, but here’s one from our Instagram.

Bottling.  I should really call it canning. We actually canned our beers for the first time ever instead of bottling. I’m not sure we’ll go to market with cans, but it’s much faster and less expensive than bottling for tastings, etc. Oscar, Jennifer, Ella (new team member – please welcome Ella to the team), Yasir, Kimberly, Chris, Stefan, and Seb all did a phenomenal job helping us carbonate our beers and get them into cans for our tasting on November 2nd. Here are some images and videos.

Cannabis Private Investment Summit.  Oscar, Yasir, and Jennifer did a phenomenal job meeting prospective investors at the Cannabis Private Investment Summit. We received three commitments in the room, and I expect many more to follow. We don’t have any photos, but the speech I gave is pretty similar to the speech I made at the last Arcview. Here is a video of that Arcview (password: ArcviewPalmBeach).

November 2nd Tasting.  We had more than 250 attendees at our largest ever tasting event. Some of the most important folks in the cannabis industry attended. It was unreal to see so many people at a bar enjoying our beverages. In that instant I knew that Province will change the world. I seriously cannot explain to you the rush of exhilaration I felt seeing so many people enjoying our product and hearing so much incredible feedback. The tasting would not have been possible without the hard work of Ryan, Caitlin, Jennifer, Krina (who was our star bartender), Yasir, Kimberly, Oscar, and Chris. They all went above and beyond to make the event a huge success. Here are some images

November 3rd Tour.  On November 3rd, Ryan, Caitlin, Jennifer, Yasir, Kimberly, and Krina organized a tour for prospective investors who were interested in learning more about Province and the Canadian cannabis industry. A big thank you to John Nemanic, a current Province investor who joined the tour and was incredibly helpful.

This past week has been abuzz with activity in the wake of Constellation Brands and Canopy’s involvement in the cannabis beverage space. We have been inundated with interest. Weeks ago I was telling you that we were negotiating an LP partnership with a major Canadian Licensed Producer. We had been working on that deal since May. In the wake of Constellation’s investment into the space, we have been contacted more or less out of the blue by 4 additional licensed producers and we are in active discussions now with 5 potential LP partners. We have never before seen so much interest in what we are doing. From the investment front, we’ve been inundated with interest as well. Its more than Yasir, Caitlin, Oscar, Julia, and I can handle and we want to be sure we’re making the right decisions, so we’re organizing an OPTIONAL informational shareholder’s call for this coming Thursday evening. You’re all invited to attend. We will discuss the recent events with Canopy and Constellation; discuss some of the choices we’ll be making in the coming days; and solicit advice, strategy and feedback from our shareholders. If you can’t make the call, I may have time to speak with you this coming Saturday. It’s an exciting time to be part of Province Brands! Thank you all for your support and for helping us advance our mission.