Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update October 27, 2017


This has been an incredibly tough week ant Province. Everyone has been working so hard preparing for our ongoing clinical study and our upcoming November 2nd tasting. The clinical study has been going well. Expect data this coming week. Though we have all been working even more overtime than usual, we’re shaping up as a team. We're not just working hard; we’re working smart as well. Thanks everyone. Also this week we got our Province Brands flag in the mail. Most companies don’t have flags. Usually that’s reserved for countries or provinces. Well we are a “Province”. To me it symbolizes a nation-like permanence. We are not going anywhere. The black and white evokes the pirates’ Jolly Roger and while we’re not quite pirates - with giants like Constellation Brands + Canopy Growth Corporation entering the industry, we will need to adopt some pirate-like tactics to stay ahead of the big guys. In the old days, the pirates would loot from the Royal Navy and major shipping companies. They got away with it because they were more agile, more creative and quicker than the big guys. We need to be leaner, faster than Canopy, Constellation and the rest if we want to win in the end. I'm up for the challenge. Things just got really interesting in our space all of the sudden.