Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update June 8, 2018

At Province we believe in a radical form of transparency and that means sharing the good news and the bad news with our shareholders. My philosophy on sharing bad news is that it's better that our shareholders hear it from us than from someone else. We had lots of good news this week, including the prospect of a substantial investment from a major strategic investor - but the bad news we received was that the building we have signed a term sheet to lease is going to be much more expensive to occupy than we thought.

We knew we needed to clean some of the prior user's stuff out, but the first demolition estimate we received came back at $1.8 million and up to 6 months to complete. Also in this scenario, the demolition company was planning to keep all of the materials and keep the profit from selling the copper, stainless steel, etc. That would be prohibitive for us. We're still awaiting other quotes and looking for alternate solutions, but I wanted to share this in the event that anyone with similar experience might be able to provide us with their thoughts and advice on how to get around a massive demolition bill. Please feel free to drop me an email, or call me. I'm in Israel and London this week speaking at conferences with Elad Barak so please be mindful of the time difference if you call. Thanks again for all your support and thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update June 8, 2018

This is the first week that Kimberly has worked full-time in the marketing department. She has already proved to be a brilliant asset for our team. A lot of work is still going on with fundraising, brand development, etc. 

I hope you all have had a chance look trough some of brilliant press we have received lately.

Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update June 1, 2018
Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.17.46 PM.png

I am proud of the accomplishments of our fundraising team in the past few weeks. We are getting much closer to closing our current round. Also, I'm excited by the interest we are getting from multiple parties in our future going public round. The Business Development and Fundraising Team is really doing a great job. I also wanted to thank our Legal and Finance Team, and especially Wiehahn, who has been working tirelessly to get our lease done now that we have a countersigned offer to lease from our (likely) future landlord. Lastly, Erin from our product team has been out to the building and she doing a great job overseeing the quotations we are getting related to the construction.

Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update June 1, 2018

This week has been pretty tumultuous – filled with highs and lows! To me those are the best kinds of weeks because it is a sign of extreme growth. For the Legal and Finance Team, we are under extreme pressure to make sure that the company (a) gets a license to process marijuana oils, (b) goes public through the CBC vehicle; and (c) finds a path to market for the company to sell our alcoholic beer by the year end. We are getting so close to each goal that it is exhilarating. This week we found two new paths to quickly get our Cambridge Bay beer on shelves that we hadn’t previously considered! The team worked hard to find loopholes and work on creative strategies and came up with a win. 

We have two interns who will be sitting for the bar exam this week. They still worked hard and gave us help in their spare time after studying. We have such a dedicated team.

Dooma Wendschuh
Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update May 25, 2018

We are extremely excited that we signed a LOI with our potential landlord in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, for what we believe will be a fantastic production facility. This week we have spent a lot of time on fundraising. We have also worked quite a bit on the Cambridge Bay brand.

Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update May 18, 2018

Expect that next week we will announce a final location as to where we are setting up our brewery. It’s taken a lot of hard work to find the perfect place, and I’m pretty sure we found it. Very exciting. We’ve been receiving a tremendous amount of media attention lately and as a result we’ve been getting a lot of inbound interest in white label deals and other collaborations. Next week, I’ll be speaking at the Canadian Brewing Awards, and I expect even more interest.

Things are moving very fast and its challenging for most of us to keep up. For everyone on team Province, I recommend using discipline. Blocking certain hours of every day to carry out certain activities. You will never complete all of the urgent tasks on your plate but if you prioritize and block out certain times each day for different types of activities, you might complete the MOST urgent tasks on your plate.

Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update May 18, 2018

This week we have put a full-time job offer in to Kim Koczerginski, who will be working as a marketing coordinator & social media manager. We have also been working closely with Duet PR regarding our next press release. Finally, our art department is working closely with our bottle and can manufacturer to get us ready for our first test run.

Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update May 11, 2018

I’m running so fast these days that I never have time to stop and reflect on our small successes. This week we’ve had a lot of successes in a row, and I feel it’s about time we call them out. 

The Legal & Finance Team has made some great strides lately. They were able to hire a licensure consultant and remove a lot of the roadblocks for our licensure process. We were worried about getting our alcohol product Cambridge Bay into the market because it takes several months to get approval to sell beer in most of the Canadian provinces – and as you can imagine, we don’t have several months to wait to earn our first revenues. I was very happy that Jennifer, Krina, Michael, Jonathan and the others in the legal team were able to find a solution so that we can get Cambridge Bay into market just as soon as the product team figures out how to brew it in large enough quantities.

Additionally, Elad and the Business Development Team have already raised nearly $1.5 Million out of our $10 Million round, and the rest looks like it’s coming in soon. I know how hard raising capital is – everyone says they will invest but getting them to write the check is a different story.

Oscar’s Marketing Team has also done a phenomenal job getting the word out regarding our press release about the grant we received from the Ontario Centres of Excellence. We were covered 25 times in the national media, and we were on CBC. We’ll have CBC News coming out to film our facility on Wednesday as well as another national news outlet. I’ll be at Loyalist College this coming Wednesday for the filming.

After overcoming tremendous obstacles (which is part of the scientific process), the Product Team is finally brewing the first batch of beer we’ll make with Innofibre.

Ryan and Caitlin on the Productivity Team succeeded in getting Caitlin’s immigration permit so she can move to Canada and lead her team in person.

We’ll be announcing the deal with the CPC pretty soon. To the outside world that will be our next big milestone. But those of you who read these updates will know just how many milestones we’ve hit this week, and how many we hit every week. It’s been a great week for Province Brands. The thing about little victories is that they add up and over time to become big victories.

Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update May 11, 2018

Another great week. It feels like we are continuing to gain speed. Our team has been working on the brilliant PR we have received. We have now had more than 25 articles on the grant we received to work with Loyalist College. We have also started some work on the global guidelines for Cambridge Bay. Our work on the bottle mold has continued as well. 

For readers interested in the projections for alcohol and beer consumption in the future, here is a great resource we found from Berenberg. 

Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update May 4, 2018

For the last few weeks, our Founder’s team has been in the midst of making a series of huge decisions for the company.

We have been offered opportunities to merge with other companies, build out a brewery from scratch with an establish LP at our side, and so many other options. Each path would present a unique set of challenges and risks.

I’ve said before that in our industry everything is changing at lighting speed. The infancy of the industry means we can’t always rely on precedent so we have to make decisions based on intuition. 

This week we had all the founders in one place and it was exciting to be working together. One thing that was especially exciting about having the leaders in the same vicinity was the ways in which our strengths (and shortcomings) compliment each other was on full display. We work as a team well because each founder is never afraid to listen to their internal voice and take the helm in areas where we are strong. 

“Leadership is a lot about listening to yourself... Be brave with your decision even if it goes against the grain.” -Kit Crawford, Co-Owner of Clif Bar & Company

Dooma Wendschuh
Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update May 4, 2018

Yet another brilliant and productive week. It feels like we have been have some wind at our backs lately, which is great. Elad and I were at the Arcview conference in Vancouver this past week (see pics below), and we are now back on the east coast and are following up with other potential investors.

Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update April 27, 2018

I am pleased to announce that Province Brands has closed a deal to reverse merge into a Capital Pool Corporation which is currently listed in the TSXV. This merger with this CPC will allow Province to go public on the TSXV in a relatively short time frame. A formal press release will follow soon. It is imperative that you keep this information confidential until the press release comes out.

Going public on the TSXV will give Province Brands access to institutional investors, capital markets, and most importantly, the ability to raise the massive amounts of capital needed to build out the world's first cannabis brewery and expand our business internationally. In the coming weeks we will be working with industry-leading investment banks to close down the remainder of our current 10 million dollar bridge round and initiate an additional financing round which will be concurrent with the public listing. Supply of capital pool corporations listed on the TSXV is at an all-time low. There are a few out there and I am very confident that we chose the best possible partners for this public listing.

When the press release is made public, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the CPC merger, their directors, and what they bring to the table. For any of you who have not gone through the going public process I am available at any time to discuss what this means for you and your investment or ownership in Province Brands, what opportunities it presents, and how we can work together to make this the most successful public listing for our business. I want to take a moment to thank Ira Levy who has worked tirelessly to make this CPC deal happen. He had tremendous support from Jennifer Thomas as well as our head of business development, Elad Barak. I think I speak for all of us at Province in saying that we can barely contain our excitement about this deal closing and the opportunities it represents. Thank you Ira, Jennifer, and Elad for making this happen.

Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update April 27, 2018

This week I have been traveling and have gotten a lot of inspiration and ideas for the future! We have had to jump through some hoops in regards of our Cambridge Bay bottle mould, but I believe we have succeeded. I am now in final preparations for next week when I will be in Vancouver and Los Angeles to meet with potential investors.

Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update April 27, 2018

Things are so busy sometimes that is hard to stay focused. So I will keep my update this week succinct. I am consistently amazed by how our team comes together to get things done when the going gets tough. This week we had a new team member join the legal team and everyone has been helping him get acclimated. No one is competing, no one is unwelcoming. It is amazing to see how people who are focused on a goal only care about the work and not about egos. This kind of ethos permeates all parts of our team and keeps me inspired.

Dooma Wendschuh
Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update April 20, 2018

Sometimes I think the title Chief Executive Officer is poorly named. We have to do so much more than execute and make decisions. I'm also the Chief Story Officer and Chief Inspiration Officer, and let's not forget the Chief Fundraising Officer. This week, I thought I'd share a recording of me practicing my presentation for the upcoming Kahner Global Cannabis Private Investment Summit which will be held May 2, in Beverly Hills. If you're interested in attending, let me know. We have a limited number of passes, but we may be able to get some discounts. Some of you have seen me pitch before, but this is a new pitch. I'm just starting to practice my pitch, so I haven't figured out where to put the emphasis, and my tone of voice is not right in a lot of parts. Also in this reading I went a bit over the seven minute time limit. But I'm hoping you can ignore all the flaws. I'm hoping you'll enjoy the story and find meaning in our mission - like I do every day. Comments / feedback welcome.


password: farfromtimid

Oscar J-T Holm Founders Update April 20, 2018

Our exciting talks with a potential strong strategic partner are still taking up some of my time. We have also been working on the new guidelines from our bottle mold manufacturer that we recently received. I have also been preparing for the two upcoming investment summits in the next few weeks.

Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update April 13, 2018

This was truly a landmark week for Province Brands. This week we began the process of producing our first batch of beer with our new partners at Innofibre in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. This is an $80 Million facility of a size and scale unlike anything I have seen before. It is so much bigger and cooler than the small method development facility we were working with in Colorado. From this facility we would be able mash very large quantities of hemp. Of course the vision is still to make our hemp beer in the same brewery where we will brew our marijuana beers, but this partnership will allow us to have beer on the market long before our own brewery is built. Our fist large scale mashing went really well. Indications are that we can still make some improvements in the amount of lignin we are removing – and this may require experimenting with different washing techniques than we are currently using – but if it can be solved just by washing in a different way then this is a relatively small problem to solve. We have not yet crunched the numbers to know for sure if this is the only issue. More to come. Whenever you are breaking new ground as we are you must expect lots of trial and error. In general, I think we’re in very good shape. Erin and Amal are hard at work figuring out how we can design our own reactor for our own brewery. We are learning a lot from this process which will help us design that reactor and I’m so glad we started working with Innofibre before starting the industrial design process. Below are some images from our production day.

Dooma Wendschuh Founders Update April 6, 2018

I want to thank each and every shareholder and investor who has responded to our emails and elected to maintain their equity percentage in Province and invest in our upcoming Series A round. Your continued support and belief in the mission we are on means the world to us. I think I speak for everyone here at Province Brands when I say that we are incredibly fortunate and truly honored to have such a phenomenal group of investors at Province. If you're reading this and not sure what I'm talking about, before starting our upcoming Series A round to raise capital to build the world's first cannabis brewery, we chose to give all of our investors a two week window to maintain their equity percentage should they choose to do so. For those of you who have chosen to invest, please try to get your investment in before the deadline at the end of this week. If there is anyone else who is interested or has questions please reach out to me ( | +1 514-550-5868) or our head of business development, Elad Barak ( | +1 647-230-8121) directly.

Jennifer Dianne Thomas Founders Update April 6, 2018

This past week we learned that several of you received emails from Alex Halperin inquiring about members of our team at Province Brands, specifically Dooma Wendschuh.

You may have heard Dooma mention Alex in the past. A long time ago, Rolling Stone hired Alex to write an article about Dooma and his previous cannabis company. The piece that Alex ended up writing was negative and challenged Dooma’s veracity and ethics.

All of us here at Province who have worked with Dooma can attest to the fact that the person Alex describes in his piece is unrecognizable to us. In fact, the person he paints is so far from the person that we work with on an everyday basis that we feel confident that Alex was misled by some of his sources. Thankfully, Rolling Stone agrees with us; they refused to publish Alex’s work after their fact-checking department invalidated it. Their position only solidifies what we already know to be true about Dooma. The proposed article was later published on a less reputable outlet/blog.

It seems that once again, Alex has received misleading information about Dooma from one of Dooma's former business partners. We believe that Alex wants to build a story around the information he has received without regard to its validity and that is why you may have received an email from him.

You may be wondering why I am writing this post. Well, one of our values at Province is “SINCERITY.” This value requires that:

We are honest in our dealings with each other and with all outside parties.
We do what is just.
We do what is right
We practice radical transparency.
We keep no secrets from our teammates.

Alex’s blog posts won’t even register on the scale of obstacles we’ll face as a company as we continue our mission to change the world. Even so, in our aim to maintain radical transparency, we believe it is important to provide insight about this particular obstacle. Whenever you do something bold, things like this may happen. 

If you have any questions about any of this, do not hesitate to call. You can reach me at +1 678-357-2310, or email me at to schedule a time.

Thank you for your continued support of Province.

Dooma Wendschuh