Prohibition Cannabis Radio

February 8, 2019

A Leader in the Cannabis industry Dooma Wendschuh is the Co-founder and CEO of Province Brands, a Toronto based highly disruptive Startup in Canada's legal Cannabis industry. Province's products promise a better class of psychoactive, the first true alternative to alcohol. Dooma explains his entrepreneurial journey into the cannabis industry and how he wanted to create a legacy that will make an impact on the world with a healthier alternative to alcohol.

Did some one say Cannabis beer, with no hangover, Gluten free and no sugar? We explore some of the process and ingredients to making a premium beverage. We discuss the Canadian regulatory system with Health Canada and the leadership and talent of the Canadian cannabis industry.

Dooma's passion and commitment to bring a healthier and safer Premium beverage to the market is evident in our conversation with him. For more information on Province Brands hit up the links below.