Ontario Government Just Gave Loyalist College An Insane Amount Of Money To Create Weed Beer

May 7, 2018
James Gaughan

When you think of how people ingest marijuana you would usually think of people smoking it, or eating it in a something like a brownie. 

But apparently Ontario wants you to have the opportunity to drink it as well, and not just drink it in some kind of nice tasting flavoured drink, but as beer.  

Yes, the government of Ontario is actually funding research to make weed beer a thing. 

Student researchers at Loyalist College in Belleville Ont. have been given $300,000 in order to make everyone's marijuana beer dreams a reality. 

The basic idea behind this plan is that instead of making beer out of barley, brewers would make it out of cannabis instead.

They want this to be completed and made available to sell to the public by next year when edibles, or in this case drinkables, will be legal in Canada. 

Now, why would someone want to drink this instead of just smoking cannabis like most users do? 

Well according to Chief executive of Province Brands Dooma Wendschuh, when smoked, marijuana can take quite a while to take effect, it can also take a long time for that affect to wear off.

Researchers here want to create a beer that essentially works more like a beer so that the affect is felt quickly, but doesn’t impact the user for hours and hours on end. 

So if all goes according to plan here you could be sipping a marijuana beer on your back deck in the summer just a year from now.