Marijuana-Infused Beer: Next Big Market in Natural Resources

August 24, 2018

The next wave of adult beverages is here.

Two Roots Brewing Company just released its line of “cannabinoid-infused craft Cannabier.” This is a nonalcoholic, THC-infused beer. Cannabier is on shelves in Nevada right now.

THC-infused beer will hit the shelves in Colorado soon. The brewer is Keith Villa, the inventor of Blue Moon craft beer. Villa emerged from retirement to debut three marijuana-infused beers.

He plans to make the beer, take out the alcohol and infuse it with cannabis extracts. The beer should hit shelves in Colorado this fall.

He’s not alone…

A Canadian brewer, Province Brands, brewed beer using the whole cannabis plant. Its beer will hit the shelves in Canada soon.

Lagunitas, a division of giant brewer Heineken, sells a THC-infused sparkling water in California.

This is a big deal for investors.

This New Use for Marijuana Is Huge

Beer consumption peaked in 2013.

In 2017, we consumed $37 billion worth of beer in the U.S. However, demand fell by 1.2%. Increased revenue came from higher prices, not increased volume.

That’s why this new use for marijuana is huge. The beer industry needs a boost to get people drinking again.

This is such a big deal that Constellation Brands, the giant Corona beer maker, just invested $3.8 billion into a marijuana company.

And that’s not all. Other brewers are getting into the act as well.

Analysts for RBC Capital Markets forecast that legal cannabis will have a 17% compound annual growth rate over the next decade.

They believe it will hit $47 billion per year in sales. And a big driver of this growth will be recreational use.

But don’t think Cheech and Chong … think Cheers.

As in, THC-infused drinks like beer and wine.

The drink segment alone could be a $15 billion market in Canada. This will be a giant business.

That’s why Constellation Brands’ investment in cannabis isn’t surprising. Nor will it be the only one of its kind.

The Next Big Growth Market in Natural Resources

Marijuana is a major growth industry right now. Once the U.S. joins Canada in legalization, the space will absolutely explode.

The marijuana sector is the next big growth market in natural resources.

It offers investment opportunities in medicine, technology, agriculture and recreation. There are billions of dollars flowing into this sector right now.

Don’t be surprised if we see the next Starbucks and a 10,000% gain emerge from this space.

Good investing,

Matt Badiali

Editor, Real Wealth Strategist