Cannabis Watch: Cannabis Wheaton and Golden Leaf Holdings

March 23, 2018

Happy Friday! Canadian cannabis investors are probably heading into the weekend feeling reasonably optimistic, considering there are two prominent cannabis stocks seeing green today. Today, we are going to be looking at the two cannabis companies, both of which are currently trading up more than 5%. 

The Canadian Cannabis Market: March 23, 2018. 

Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp. (CVE:CBW)

We’re approaching the end of the month, and I’m sure this Vancouver, British Columbia-based company is going to look back on March with pride. Why? Because Cannabis Wheaton has made some pretty significant announcements this month. For instance, on March 15, Cannabis Wheaton announced that it entered into a strategic alliance with Province Brands of Canada. Then, on March 16, Cannabis Wheaton gave an update on its project with FV Pharma Inc. 

As for today, Cannabis Wheaton doesn’t appear to have made any announcements. Nevertheless, the cannabis stock is currently trading at $1.73 on the CVE Exchange. This puts the CBW stock up $0.09, or 5.49%. The cannabis company currently has a market of less than 1 billion. 

Golden Leaf Holdings. (CNSX:GLH)

This is yet another cannabis company that I try to keep a close eye on. Why? Because this is one of the Canadian cannabis stocks that are constantly fluctuating, trading up one week and plunging the next. For instance, on March 7, Golden Leaf Holdings was one of the biggest marijuana stock gainers of the day, and then, on March 13, the company found itself being labeled one of the biggest marijuana stock losers. Nevertheless, things appear to be looking good for the cannabis oil distributor today.

Similar to Cannabis Wheaton, Golden Leaf Holdings has been silent today. The last announcement the Toronto-based company made was on March 8, when it disclosed its new line of cannabis-infused fruit chews. Regardless, Golden Leaf Holdings is trading at $0.30 on the Canadian Securities Exchange. This puts the GLH stock up $0.01, or 5.36%.