Cannabis-Based Beers

The Ontario Government is Funding Research for a World-First Cannabis Beer

May 9, 2018
Laura McQuarrie

Province Brands is out to create a cannabis beer that's unlike any other currently available on the market today. 

In many places, cannabis laws prohibit marijuana from being mixed with alcohol, but several beverage brands are simply getting creative by launching THC-infused sodas, non-alcoholic beer or low-ABV beer that's enriched with cannabis oil. 

Toronto-based Province Brands will now be supported by the Ontario government in its work with researchers at Loyalist College to develop a first-of-its-kind cannabis-based beer. While cannabis is often added to drinks in the form of oil extracts, Province Brands aims to "take barley out of the equation and replace it with the cannabis plant." Ultimately, Province Brands aims to have its cannabis beer ready for sale in Canada by 2019, when edible cannabis is set to be legalized.