“It should be treated like every other vegetable or plant out there”: Cannabis entrepreneurs talk about their dream scenarios


Around 200 investors gathered at the Eaton Centre Marriott earlier this week for two days of pitches from the executives of fledgling marijuana businesses from across the continent. The event, hosted by the Arcview Group, a cannabis investment network, aimed to connect these aspirants with high-net-worth backers interested in getting a piece of the probably-soon-to-be-legal recreational pot business. We asked a few attendees to tell us what they hope Canada’s new cannabis laws will look like.

Dooma Wandschuh
CEO of Province Brands, from Miami

What does your company do?
We make beers and spirits that are brewed or distilled from cannabis, that have many of the attributes that alcohol has, in terms of onset time and duration of effect, and which are designed to take on the $1.2-trillion alcohol industry.

What’s your dream legalization scenario?
The dream would be if they legalized all cannabis products—not just marijuana flower and oil—as quickly as possible. If they don’t do that, we’re going to see more people turning to the black market even after legalization. Imagine how bad that is, when you have a young industry that you’re trying to support and grow. You’re taking money out of the pockets of people who are doing this legitimately and giving that money to drug dealers.