Arcview Research Cannabis Investor Expo Rolls into Toronto

JULY 17, 2017

Arcview Group, the premier cannabis-infused investment and research platform best known for being quoted in every cannabis company powerpoint raising capital in the space, rolled into Toronto Sunday for their first ever Canadian Arcview investor conference and pitchfest.

With easily 100+ investors from (mostly) the U.S. on hand to peruse a mix of both U.S. and Canadian cannabis-oriented companies, the Arcview events are differentiated by the requirement that all attendees be accredited investors – no exceptions. Between the well-heeled investment group and a diverse selection of up-and-coming (or in some cases, already established) businesses, a serious no-nonsense undertone pervaded the otherwise overtly convivial first night.

From the opening remarks by Arcview president Troy Dayton to the diversity pitch offered up by Rene Gagnon of Hollyweed North, the tone of the gathering is upbeat, inclusive (as long as you’re accredited!), and positive.

Diverse Range of Companies

Companies that are participating in the fund-raising activities of the event include FinCanna Capital Corp, a Vancouver-based company positioned as a royalty model that provides expansion capital to established cannabis production operators in California – arguably the world’s largest jurisdictional market (after Germany?), who is in the process of implementing second generation medical marijuana legislation as well as recreational marijuana consumption for adults worldwide.

Body and Mind, a subsidiary of Nevada Health Group (CSE:DEP), is one of Nevada’s top cannabis consumer product brands, featuring a full range of award winning edibles, pre-loaded vapes, shatter, budders, waxes, topical creams and even cannabis-infused beef jerky. Nevada has experienced a chronic shortage of recreational cannabis in the Sin City since recreational marijuana became legal on July 1st, 2017.

And for something completely different, and typical of the wide range of companies on hand, Province Brands is raising capital to build the world’s first Cannabis brewery near Toronto Canada, part its business offering of a complete line of consumer alcoholic spirit and beer replacement products, engineered to mimic the “dose curve” of alcohol in terms of timeline and intensity – all without the hangover!

The conference runs until Wednesday, July 19. If you’d like to learn more about becoming an Arcview accredited member to gain access to hundreds of early stage financings in Canada and the United States, drop us a line at